Features of the product

Bovacs s10 max is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner from Germany. Possessing the most modern features today such as: AIVI artificial intelligence, strong suction, flexible working mode ..

BOVACS S10 MAX – European Standard

Elegant design with mirror finish


Polished with a glossy mirror on the top of the Laser box above, Bovacs S10 Max has a modern and luxurious appearance. Above the lid are three buttons – location, clean button, and dock. The Bovacs logo is near the center.

Clean and convenient at the same time

With 2700pa suction power and exclusive mopping technology, Bovacs s10 max is the leading vacuum cleaner in terms of operating capacity in the segment of high-end vacuum cleaners. Simultaneous suction and mopping will help the robot save time on cleaning effectively while maintaining the quality of work.

The product is the perfect combination of quality and form, meticulous to every detail, integrating modern technology with super intelligent “NAVI” artificial intelligence.

Turbocharged technology sucks up the 4mm deep crevice to remove all the most stubborn dirt. BOVACS S10 MAX allows you to customize the operating power level.

Thanks to the integrated humidity sensor and modern pumping system, the robot can adjust the moisture content of the wipes to suit different types of floors. You can also select the cleaning area with BOVACS S10 MAX by drawing or specifying a specific area on the map, the robot will receive the command and perform.

Laser helps locate, scan the map, recognize the surrounding environment

BOVACS S10 MAX has the ability to identify obstacles 2 times faster than other vacuum cleaners. The machine can recognize many types of objects such as socks, slippers, chairs, etc. This helps to reduce up to 60% of getting stuck and clogged in obstacles, affecting work productivity.

In addition, the robot is upgraded with a laser system that measures distances 2 times longer and is 4 times more accurate to detect small objects of 2 mm, black objects and walls, from which to avoid obstacles a simple way.

With objects over 10 meters, the robot will activate Truemapping technology that allows quick mapping and positioning so you can easily see your space reproduced through the phone screen. This mode also allows the robot to set up a virtual wall system to avoid getting stuck while working.

BOVACS S10 MAX – Superior air filtration function

The machine has a HEPA filter design with 3 advanced filter layers to completely remove small dust particles. And the causative agents of allergies and diseases related to the respiratory tract.

BOVACS S10 MAX has a working time of up to 200 minutes

Owning the largest 5200 mAh battery currently. For the ability to clean an area larger than 150m2 in 1 work. Moreover, after scanning and saving the house map, the robot will optimize the working path for the highest efficiency and the shortest time.

Set up virtual walls, save 5 house plans

BOVACS S10 MAX is the first robot that can save up to 5 house plans.

Đối với những khu vực mà chúng ta không muốn cho robot làm việc như: nhà tắm, nhà vệ sinh, nơi có đồ vật dễ vỡ thì chỉ cần thiết lập khu vực cấm cho robot sẽ nhận diện và tránh làm việc khu đó.

Another important feature is saving house plans. This feature is extremely important for high-rise buildings. It helps the robot save the floor plan so that when working on different floors, it will be faster. No need to rescan the map after each job. Optimize working time.

BOVACS S10 MAX has low noise

BOVACS S10 MAX operates with a noise level of only <55DB, you can comfortably rest and relax even when the robot is in operation.

Easy control with APP on phone

The ability of BOVACS S10 MAX is like a loyal employee because you can easily “manage” it by installing a mobile app to manage the robot anytime and anywhere such as managing to receive cleaning reports, save and Plan with maps, track everything via APP, schedule appointments and remember to update the software to get new features. Your house will always be cleaned even when you are away.

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